The BRAVO spring powered shotgun is a great shotgun for airsoft. The Bravo shotgun series shoots three bbs at once and holds a single shell so you get ten shots. the range of the Bravo shotgun is fairly decent and the grouping is great. Point and shoot and you should be able to hit the target on the first shot. We went to Insight Interactive since that is our favorite field to play at and we did a little video review of the Bravo shotgun.

Sean was sort of reluctant to use the shotgun since he is a gas pistol person when it comes to CQB but after some practice shots and moving in the field he loved it. We think everybody loves shotguns so why not give the review gun away and make another person happy.

Here is Sean all geared up for the video review shooting the targets and showing how fast you can send bbs down range. The Bravo shotgun is lightweight and easy to use and a great rental or loaner gun to get more of your friends to play as well.

Curious about the final review video? Check out the video BRAVO shotgun (B28B) Review and Giveaway! The contest was simple and fun and everybody liked the idea. It took some time, more than we thought to get to a thousand views on the video but it gave everybody a chance to watch it and comment so they could enter the contest. The winner of the contest was picked by random and here is the video showing the fun process.

Here is the video where Sean and the Flea pick the winner for the Bravo Shotgun! Or you can click on the picture above.

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