Vacation time during the holiday’s and spending it in Colorado, after a fun morning in the snow we decided to visit a local brewery. We picked the Dillion Dam Brewery, there are several to choose from and we found this place, joking that it better be “a damn good place”! Find the place here: 100 Little Dam Street Dillon, CO 80435

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We were able to walk in from the cold weather and feel the warmth of the bar on our faces and the great smells of beer and bbq. A 10 minute wait or seating at the bar but we were able to find a table in no time. There looks to be seating upstairs but we did not check it out once we spotted the open table.
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I’m no expert but I am pretty sure they make their own beer here. The wall of the seating area was replaced with large glass windows to show off the large brewing equipment, that should be enough for the city right? “How’s it going guys? Ready to order some drinks?”
brian holt foodie blog

Their beer selection is really good and covers all the tastes most people have so you will find something you like here. The waitress was informed and able to help explain the brews and compare to others to help us better decide on what to try and get. Yes that is a large chili pepper in the beer, you will have to check the place out to see how it tastes! Now lets eat!
brian holt foodie blog
The Pulled Pork Platter was so soft and tender, and ready to eat with or without the tangy BBQ sauce. To balance out the plate and not give you a food coma there was mashed potatoes covered in gravy and green beans! This plate was great and hit the spot, since there were a lot of items on the menu the waitress suggested this since it is the most popular and I see why.
brian holt foodie blog
The chowder was very damn good; haha, not sure if it was because we were hungry or it was freshly made with a bread bowl option it was great. It seemed to have a hint or cheddar and corn giving it a really creamy taste. I didn’t ask about the finer details but I was happy with it.
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Now for the best Dam Brewery Mac and Cheese this side of the Rocky’s some would say!
brian holt foodie blog

I have had the regular Mac and Cheese and the Lobster or the 5 cheese but never pulled pork mac and cheese, it makes sense but never had it. This was so good and super filling once you mix together the pork and cheesy pasta to get the perfect cheese to pork spoonful it was gone shortly.

Overall Place:
It was good place to come and get a bite to eat and drink, some families here too so that is an option and it seems like a local hang out spot for a lot since the waitress was chatting with several others and catching up with the family, and for us as new customers she was happy and attentive to our table and made us feel at home.

Written by Brian Holt