A great primary is important for a successful day of BB warz. A great primary however, is a necessity that is often overlooked. Whether it’s for clearing tight spaces or a last ditch effort, a good pistol is a must have for all bb warriors. I recently had the privilege to test drive Echo 1 USA’s upcoming C.A.P at I.T.S in beautiful San Diego California.

Echo1 CAP

The Combat Adaptive Pistol or C.A.P is a very unique gun with several amazing features. At first glance people may be hesitant about how comfortable the pistol will feel due to its unique design, but rest assured it is a very comfortable gun and feels natural in the hands of any bb warrior.

echo1 cap with light

Some other features you will notice on the gun are the serrated grooves on the metal slide, ported vents on the top of the slide, a nicely textured polymer frame, a safety in the trigger, an extended slide release, large glow in the dark combat sights,

echo1 cap front sight echo1 cap rear sight

and last but not least a nice American flag imprinted on the top of the slide! (murica)

echo1 usa cap flag

The pistol runs off of standard 12 gram co2 capsule that unlike most co2 pistols goes in upside down. On average one capsule of co2 lasts around two magazines worth of bbs. And don’t let the fact that it is co2 worry you, the FPS is classy and shoots on average of 330 FPS with .2 gram bbs.

echo cap fps

The hop up is adjustable and is located on the inside of the frame with a wheel style adjustment tool which eliminates the need for a special tool. I was able to accurately hit other players with the C.A.P at very good ranges that would normally be reserved for rifles. The hop up was also very good at staying in place once set which is a feature most pistols lack.

echo1 cap hop up

All in all, the Combat Adaptive Pistol is an amazing gun, its gas efficiency, quality build, and accuracy with a price point right around $150.00, makes it a must have for any bb warrior and is a gun that I will add to my collection once it hits the shelves around late summer. Make sure you like our Team Blacksheep Facebook page and Subscribe to our YouTube channel! Check out the  game play video  below and stay classy!

echo1 cap

Here is the older first look we got with the Echo1 CAP in the rough form. This video shows a little more about the pistol and the mag. Stay tuned for more videos and an in depth review once the final pistol is released!echo1-cap