When I heard that the next gun I was going to be reviewing was the Echo1 Viktor and it was modeled after a Bizon SMG, I was pretty excited, for a few different reasons. The fact that the unique and massive magazine holds 800 rounds, the gun weight being about 5 pounds, and the side-folding stock all combine to make this capable of being almost a support weapon in an SMG package.

echo1 bizon

The gun’s exterior is constructed out of mostly polymer parts, with a few bits being metal. The outer barrel, iron sights receiver cover, and the pin that keeps the stock folded are all metal. The lower receiver, pistol grip, heat shield, stock, and magazine are of polymer construction, keeping the gun very lightweight.

 bizon pp19 airsoft gun

The first thing most people will notice about this gun is of course the magazine. It’s an 800 round hi-cap, but the most surprising feature is how quiet it is. It uses a follower system, pressing the BBs together, and almost completely eliminating rattle.

Check out the video here at the 1:25 mark to hear the lack of rattle.

The noise the magazine makes while running is comparable to a mid-cap, really. The magazine has a small port that flips open to pour BBs in, and the follower locks back while the port is open.

 bizon airsoft mag

Follower forward

viktor open

Follower locked back
I hear midcaps are in production for this gun, and for the first time in my airsofting

career, I’m not sure if I need them. The only downside to running a hi-cap on this gun is the winding.

The gun uses a V3 AK gearbox, making it pretty easy to upgrade. The battery it comes with is an 8.4 NiMh battery, which provides a decent ROF.

silverback pp-19

I plan on upgrading it to a lipo battery and Deans connectors, just to get that extra suppressing power. It’s not like I have to worry about running out of ammo, after all.

If you like small guns with a lot of ammo, spring for this. The I hear that the planned price is around $160, so really, what’s your excuse?

Check out the video on the rifle here!

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