The E&L AK series has been the leader in the Airsoft world for the AEG AK’s and being the most realistic and well built product on the market. We have done a E&L vs LCT comparison blog against the LCT to see how the E&L is built better and more realistic while the LCT had a little better gearbox so it was a close call but on the ‘best’ but for $100 less and built like a real AK the E&L should be your first pick. That was for the “generation 1” series but now the Gen2 E&L AK’s are out and they just added to their perfect rifles to make them even better.


Brian Holt E&L AK

Over the weekend I was able to use the new E&L Airsoft AK Gen2 AKM that I got from AirsoftGI and use it just out of the box. Great rifle and it shot smooth. Comparing to the older versions this Gen2 is much better since the newer parts are installed. Playing out in the field the 390~ or so FPS was great and I had plenty of range. The trigger response was really good and just overall a great rifle. I will go over in more detail soon about the rifle inside and out but for first impressions and knowing what it has I am impressed.


JAG Precision E&L AK Gen2

Lets check out some of the cool external features of the new E&L Gen2 AKM. First up you will notice the real wood and lacquered finish on the blued steel body and parts. the only plastic part will be the pistol grip just like a real AK.


Team Blacksheep762

The steel body will have a unique serial number on the side that matches the manual and QC check list that is found in the box. This is really cool and detail you will find if you bought a real rifle. The steel body has the blued finish which is hard to show in a picture but it is a great touch.


JAG Precision E&L AK Gen2

Another shot of the steel body and the markings. The rivots are real and hold the rifle together while other Airsoft AK’s just have them molded in place to look the part. E&L Airsoft goes all the way for the realism.


JAG Precision E&L AK

One of the first things you will notice about the Gen2 E&L AK’s will be the magwell spacer. This will help guide and seat the magazine in place. The magazine insertion of an AK is different than an M4 and this is kinda like a training wheel to help you out. I noticed how it helped me while reloading and not having to look at the magwell so I could keep my eyes on the other team.


JAG Precision E&L AK

The only tough part about the E&L AK would be the battery compartment. I have a ton of 11.1v buffer tube lipos but they do not fit easily unless I squish them under the dust cover. I was able to use my old Socom Gear 11.1v lipo from my XCR. It is a thin lipo but any other lipo will work or a 7.4v stick. The AK will come with a standard plug which is fine and I do not see a need to upgrade it now. After a lot of shooting it didn’t get hot or make the rifle sluggish. The AK does come with low resistant wires so that is cool and much better than the old copper set.


JAG Precision AKM E&L

In addition to the low resistant wires the new E&L Gen2 AK will have much larger 9mm steel ball bearings. The old series used 7mm which are ok but these will noticeably increase the ROF and battery life and have very little chance of breaking and a need to replace them. While shooting the AKM it was like Russian Butter. Also the motor will be an updated Neo Torque motor for a snappy trigger response and able to pull back that M120 spring like nothing. No need to upgrade it for my uses.


E&L AKM review

Another great update for the Gen2 E&L AK will be the quick change spring guide. This little stick I guess is for a warranty seal and for the spring rate ID. The M120 inside and shooting right around 390 is great for me. What I see about this is that I can use this AKM in the field for 400 limits and then later in the day I can remove the gearbox and install a M100 spring and play at a 350 limit field. to remove the gearbox it would be easy and with no hassle of taking the gearbox all apart it will make this feature great and sort of doubling your play locations with the purchase of one rifle and a spring.

Overall this is a great rifle and I already liked the first generation of the E&L Airsoft AK’s but now this really is a great rifle. According to JAG Precision there is even more updated internals in the gearbox so I will have to check that out and report back to you guys. But out of the box it shot great, held up to a drop on the ground, great range and very responsive hop up unit I can’t complain. I would suggest you get one or at least check out out at AirsoftGI today if you can.

If you want to see what the old E&L AK’s were like check out this video below. Old gun is now out dated and the Gen2 is the way to go!

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Written by Brian Holt