In the age of Airsoft there have always been a few rifles from movies or videos or the real world that us Airsofters want to see. We may not want to own them but be able to see and hold them in our local store would be nice. One of the rifles that Airsofters want to see is the H&K G11 which is a rare prototype rifle that never saw combat but has been in games and movies.
H&K G11 Airsoft rifle

The H&K G11 in Airsoft has finally been created!
Where do I buy this?? Well you will have toe search and wait since this was a custom rifle built for the Hyperdouraku 2018 build contest. More info from the website in Japanese Hyperdouraku H&K G11 Rough translation as follows.
It is H & K G11 which was prototyped as successor rifle of G3.
In the past I made several G11, but this time I made the original Ultimate G11 with the task of recreating the same decomposition method as the actual gun and the unique magazine.
All products including interior and exterior are made with 3D printers.
The hand guard can be easily attached and detached by pushing the button on the side as well as the real gun, in addition to the first K 1 hand guard of the photograph
K2 hand guard, original design M-Lok hand guard can also be installed.
Design around the selector grip part was the hardest. Thanks to it, I was able to reproduce the operation to turn it to full auto by turning 170 ° from Safety.
Scope is decorative because there was no built-in object. In addition, we changed the design to be mounted with M1913 rail and used for both appearance and expandability.
Mechanical boxes were machined based on S & T tarball and the contents were also adjusted according to the M16 class inner barrel.
Chamber built by Tokyo Marui P90 as reference. Accurately it is equivalent to the standard electric gun of Tokyo Marui.
H&K G11 Airsoft rifle
Since the H&K G11 was made long ago before the Chris Costa age and rails it is only fitting now that the Airsofter in all of us wants to make it cooler and the creator of this rifle was able to make an MLok front end for the rifle.
H&K G11 Airsoft rifle

Written by Brian Holt