Stopping by Reno, Nevada and had a craving for a big juicy Pork Chop. I looked on Yelp and searched “pork” to see what I could find. Calling around and nobody seemed proud of the pork chop until I called The Gas Lamp and the hostess said it was the best in Reno, sold and on my way.
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The outside of the building is covered in a mural that gives it some flare. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I went in. It was dark and I could hear some Sinatra playing. This was an older and classy place for a silver fox and not a place for a ‘youngster’ like myself from some of the looks I got but the staff was welcoming and I knew this was going to be a great place!
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Starting with the Grilled Artichoke served with lemon and garlic aioli. Great appetizer and I was brought out an option for the wine to go with the order of the pork chop. The bartender was able to quickly recommend the perfect wine. Finished and ready for the pork chop!
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The only item on the menu is in caps and they must mean business! The Gas Lamp Pork Chop is a 16oz grilled center cut piece. The mashed potatoes are my favorite, simple and great; being red potatoes with some skin mixed in. Instead of the traditional apple sauce, this chop is served with an apple cranberry chutney for a sweet and tart contrast. Mustard? Yes, mustard well actually honey dijon but still great since I am a huge fan of mustard. This is a dream come true!
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The bites of this giant pork chop were juicy and tender. Adding the accompanying sides made the pork take on a new flavor while it stood alone just fine. This was great in every way I can imagine. While I was enjoying this fine dinner I checked out their social media or lack thereof I realized I stumbled across a true gem in Reno!

Check out the place for yourself!
The Gas Lamp Restaurant and BarYelp – (775)329-5267
101 E Pueblo St, Reno, NV 89502
brian holt foodie blog
Written by Brian Holt