In the market for a tool and blade for your survival or tactical use but not sure what to get? I posted a question about what should I get and this was one of the suggestions. I searched and compared to other axes, tomahawks and machetes and the Gerber Downrange won based on the options it has and the to be honest the marketing swayed me a little too. There is no gimmick with this fine piece once it is added to your kit. Lets first take a look at the box it comes in. Very small and compact. Gerber is located in Portland, Oregon.

Ordered and shipped within a few days with no delays which is a plus. Inside the box is the very secure packaging. The product will not be damaged while in the box. If a truck ran it over it still will be fine since it is constructed out of 420HC Steel. Another great feature since it is a USA made product there is a lifetime warranty so don’t worry!

The one thing that I found while searching for the perfect tool was that some do not come with a protective sheath and you would have to buy it separate. The Gerber downrange has the kydex sheath included and a MOLLE  attachment option.

The kydex sheath is form fitted and uses a single strap and button to secure and keep the blade away from yourself and you still can use the built in hand hold for the crow bar or the hammer face if needed. Since this is large tomahawk about 19.27″  you will have to secure it to your pack or vest if needed.

Lets take a look at the parts and features of the tomahawk.

The blade is quite large and flared with the top and bottom points for hooking and combat if needed. The blade was not really sharp out of the package but with a little time I was able to get it very sharp. Not like the cutting tomatoes on late night TV demos but enough to do work when I need it to.

The hammer head is welded on and has a nice texture to prevent any slipping while hitting those objects. You still have the hammer option when the kydex sheath is secured to the tomahawk head.

The grip is a two piece Desert Tan G-10 bolted onto the steel body. The grip is very ‘grippy’ and can be abrasive to some hands. The smaller checkering is great and the larger slots ensure the grip when swinging and using the tomahawk. For my use I will have the handle wrapped in paracord to make the grip a tab bit bigger for my hands.

The angled crowbar on the end gives you the perfect tool in your hands for taking out nails to breaking a door in if needed. If the Half Life game was revamped they would most likely use this Gerber Downrange Tomahawk instead of that outdated crowbar.

Now that the tomahawk is covered how do I attach it to my pack? Well it does come with the MOLLE attachment rig. This is my VooDoo Short Range Tactical Pack, make sure check out the blog and video. The tomahawk is not really heavy per say just big and to secure it for fast use but out of the way for travel is key.  The tomahwak weighs 2.5 pounds when sheathed and you wont really notice it on your pack.

Attaching to the side of the pack would seem to be the best but what I noticed is how the MOLLE base is located there is quite a bit of movement of the blade while on the move. This may not bug other people but for me I will pick a new spot. Maybe if the MOLLE option was built into the kydex sheath there would be no movement but then the sheath would not be independent from the MOLLE rig.I could have something made if needed.

This is how I have it setup and it seems to be the best for me. I have it on the belt section and the blade section is resting against the side of the pack and not on my body. The drop down grip is not hitting my leg and I made sure to have the angled crowbar angled out away from my body. With this setup I am able to access the tomahawk quickly if needed. I saw the Gerber promo video which is nice but the the tomahawk is secured on the back of the back, That keeps it secure and wiggle free but then restricts your access to your compartments and you have to remove the pack to access it. Mine is ready for use for Zombies or attacking mountain animals.

Overall I enjoy this Gerber Downrange Tomahawk and will do another review of the updates I add to it and after I use it more in the field. I will do a video on it so make sure you  subscribe to my Youtube Channel Team BLACKSHEEP762