Support gun time and which one do you choose? That is the big question now days. If money is not an option and you want something from a video game or current use in the many conflicts you will have to do some research. Hopefully this review will help you and let you see all that is the Knight’s LMG from ZShot.  We were able to get this review product from Airsplat and if you want to get your own check it out here(KAA LMG) First off there are several other versions on this support gun floating around in the airsoft realm but nobody knows which is which. This is not the Ares version from a while ago that had issues with the mag and other parts. This is not the parts kits sold from AEX. knights stoner airsoft

This is a fully licensed Knight’s Stoner LMG from Zshot and distributed through JAG Precision.  This is a legit build and very close to the real counterpart but without having you spend a ton of money like the others.

KAC airsoft

The Knight’s Armament Airsoft LMG or KAA LMG costs around $400 which is great for what you get now days. Ok lets get into this review!

Knights lmg magThe box mag is a cool new design and not like the MAG and others out there. It uses a plunger system like the Echo1 Viktor to force the BBs into the loading area and reduce the rattle noise. I think the OEM is Classic Army since the mag door has their name on it but there is no mention of it anywhere else.

knights lmg mag load

This is the plunger you pull on to lower the spring loaded trap door. You would install the 9v battery after zapping your tongue and then pull this, load in the BBs and then zip up the canvas cover.

Brian Holt

knights lmg bb

As you can see when the plunger is puled down the BBs lower so you can load around 1000 BBs and be ready to go. The spring tube for the BBs is nice but for heavy use I recommend using some heat shrink to cover and keep debris out of the chamber, the same goes for M249 series as well. The end section clicks into place nicely with a spring loaded detent on the gun side and able to come out easy if pulled after you swing open the locking arm. The mag has a auto wind option to continually feed while you shoot.

knights stoner beltThe top feed tray is able to hold a belt and some what secure in place on the mag end. How the belt is setup like this it will be fine while moving on the field. You can also adjust the hop up unit from opening the feed cover.

knights lmg battery

The battery has two options depending on what you want. The stock configuration will have the mini plug inside the fake gas tube. You will have to depress the barrel release lever on the top of the receiver to access this and slide the barrel set forward. You can slide in a buffer tube lipo. I used an Echo1 11.1v buffer tube lipo and it fit fine. But what if you don’t want that and you want a beastly battery?

knights stoner peq setup

Well you can then move the wires to the outside of the RIS and bam! Ready for any other battery or PEQ setup you want. Deans can fit through the RIS holes in case you were wondering.

knight lmg gas tube

The fake gas tube is where you store the buffer tube lipo if you like and is held in place by a grub screw on the bottom on the RIS.

knights lmg hop up

Once you have the outer barrel removed you are able to check out the hop up unit. It is using a 407mm brass barrel and standard metal M249 hop up unit which you can find at most stores unlike the others that left you high and dry. The bucking is not a Madbull bucking but is ok.

Knights stoner stock

The six position all metal stock is very basic for the shooter and comes off with lock screw as shown and then the release lever for the stock unit to slide down and off.  If you remove the screw the stock will still be in place  until you hit the lever. Your call if you want to remove it for that added realism on the BB field.

knights lmg lower

The KAA LMG does not field strip like a real rifle but it is very close. For the lower fire assembly you will have to remove the screw and slide out the feed ramp. You will need this screw in the rifle unlike the stock screw. Once this is out you can continue.

knights lmg reciever

Press the second release lever and slide the lower back slowly. Make sure you do not jerk it and rip the wires. Lift up and unplug the wires and continue the field strip. You will notice the tongue and groove spots for the adjoining receiver parts. Once you do this a couple times it will be easy.

Knights LMG qd spring guide

The KAA LMG does offer a QD spring guide option which is faster than the Krytac LMG since that is in a M4 lower. For fast spring changes the M249 is still the fastest but that is out of date already. Once you have the lower dropped out like so you can slide the lock pin either way and swap the springs out.

knights lmg spring

The stock spring is at 400 fps so it should be good for most fields. The QD spring guide is metal and using bearings. I do not see a need to upgrade it. The changing system is very secure and will not come loose while in use like many other AEG’s that have that option.

knights lmg pistol grip

The pistol grip uses a standard M4 or A2 grip and a long neck motor. The motor has some toque and magnetic power but not a torque up motor per say. You can use other grips  since the gearbox is drilled for them even though the wiring is doubled on the front.

knights zshot lmg gearbox

The gearbox is odd but to fit the body of the Knight’s Stoner LMG and it uses most standard version 2 or M4 parts. This makes it easy to work on since you will going though tons of ammo and might want to upgrade or repair later on.

knights lmg gears

The gears are steel and just a standard ratio but they are greased decently and shimmed in an ok manor. The 8mm steel bearings keep them in place. The rate of fire is decent but could be better. Only having a ROF of about 16 with a lipo is ok but it could be due to the motor and that is an easy upgrade.

knights lmg trigger switch

The trigger is different and so is the switch as you can see. The trick to get the gearbox out of the lower is to slightly pull the trigger and lift up and out. See how the back of the trigger is cut out. That is for the ambi safety as well. The trigger switch is not a standard switch but there will be spares from Zshot or a local electronic store. It is just a 5A 250V switch.

knights lmg piston parts

The air components for the Knights Stoner is actually good when you compare to other support guns that are polymer parts. The full cylinder is a chrome finish and nice and smooth and on the end is solid double o-ringed aluminum cylinder head and to complete the chain is a polycarb nozzle with an o-ring installed. These are some great parts that are already in the gun to begin with saving you money. The piston is made of nylon and just ok with nothing special really. The piston head is made out of aluminum and is ported which is nice. The complete cylinder set is a good air seal, not perfect but great with the parts already installed.

knights lmg piston aoe

As stated earlier the piston was just ok and seems to me from an older design when the mighty 8.4v was king and a lipo was never thought of. The second tooth is present and in the way slightly and should be cut out and have the AoE corrected and it should be fine. I would suggest using the ROA Double O-Ring piston head to fix the AoE and gain some FPS unlike loosing some with the sorbo option. Other this the gearbox is very solid and quite good for the money.

knights lmg wiresNow that the gearbox is all back together you will have to be gentle when you slide it back together. The wires are the thick silicone kind and can get cut easily. Make sure you guide them in place and back out though the gas tube and the feed ramp inserts correctly.

Overall the Knights Armament Airsoft Stoner LMG is a good support gun that can be upgraded and used for outdoor or CQB if your savage heart wishes. Weighing around 10 pounds it is not that bad for what it can do. The only con would be the motor but there are many other good things about the complete rifle that balance it out and make it shine. Thanks for readying and until next time….

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