Several months ago the knock off version of the KRISS VECTOR was announced to be released by A&K and the Airsoft Community was up in arms about it. The Community only gets upset when key people tell them to it seems as I pointed out the trends in the community in the blog A&K Airsoft + KRISS = TROUBLE? – Vector AEG and how several copies even from Krytac are swept under the media rug. Another example would be the Nemesis Arms bolt action suitcase rifle released by JAG Precision in partnership with the rifle manufacture and then a China Copy in slated for release but nobody says anything.

krytac Vector and A&K vector
Looking at the two AEG’s they look the same on the field but up close you can notice some minor details here and there. But now we ask the question…. Does it matter as long as it shoots BBs at your friends and you have fun with it? Krytac did a public release on their KRISS VECTOR and then taking Legal Actions for the Counterfeit KRISS VECTOR
Watch the video here:

Another alarming move for Krytac would be them closing down their distributions warehouse in California. Learn more: Is Krytac soon to become calamari?

On the same topic of Counterfeit Airsoft we can take a look at Lancer Tactical which is the number one worst violator in the Airsoft Community. Learn more: The end of Lancer Tactical – Counterfeit Lawsuits

Written by Brian Holt