Airsoft and Milsim games are on the top of the list for the hardcore players due to the gear needed, scenarios and cost to play which covers vehicles and the location. Most of these games are the same rehashing of past wartime campaigns and get boring and lose their aw and value. I have not been drawn to any of these events due to those reasons but through work and research I didn’t want to miss out on this Milsim West event. This will be my blog about the event with several videos and a recap at the end to talk about the gun and gear. The pictures will be from myself or our embedded camera man and more of his pictures will be on the JAG Precision flickr

road to rostov crew

This is the condensed video showing what the event was like.

Here is PART1 and the first day. There was the early fog patrols after the freezing night watch. On sun up it was game time to find those enemy forces and we swept through the region. We had contact and then the game was stopped due to a real life medical emergency. We regrouped at base and halfway in my MRE the Russians were attacking. Load up and shoot back.


The afternoon was time to dig in to hold the front lines and to expect rain. Time to dig. I dug mount Rolaids which helped a lot and I greatly improved the trench for Tang and I into a sleeping and fighting position.

Sunday morning we wake up to gun fire and en entire platoon of Russian forces advancing on our position. They are close enough to throw grenades next to our position. Check out the PART2 video

After we fended off the enemy in the morning we packed up and marched to the city to findย  and destroy them. Things did not go as planned and we had our asses handed to us and the day/mission was over.

This was the most extreme and fun event I have been to in my 15+ years of being in the Airsoft industry. There was a lot of prep work of what is needed that was given to me and the other participants before going. Here is a recap video of what I brought and used and my thoughts about the event. My kit and gear seemed to work great for me and my needs and my teammates as well. If you are going to the next Milsim West event you should be able to gauge by what I used and what you currently have and be good to go.

See you out on the field ๐Ÿ™‚