The Oyster Bar found inside the Palace Station casino is a truly hidden gem in the foodie world. Now it is getting more buzz about the amazing menu which is simple yet satisfying on so many levels, you may wait in the line for 2 hours on a good day. This place is amazing! After several times trying this place, I found out that they have won numerous awards! I love the food more and more every time I stop by, it’s a winner in my book.

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The oysters are fresh! They’re brought in daily and are about double the size of most half shelled oysters in California, including my favorite spot in Pasadena, Fish on Tap. These large plump oysters are so juicy & meaty. With a dab of horseradish, hot sauce, & a squeeze of lemon, they hit the spot! An order of a dozen of these are the start of your meal. One of my favorite thing about bar seating is that I’m able to watch the chefs skillfully master their art! Here, which seats 20 people or so, you’re in front row watching the creation of your meal, right before your eyes. You see the oysters shucked & how the soup is prepared and cooked to perfection, you just know it is fresh!

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My Foodie partner, Christina, ordered the Bouillabaisse. In this bowl, there’s an abundant amount of the lobster and shrimp along with the other fresh seafood listed on the menu. It’s topped with clams and mussels in the shell, that were cooked in a garlic base to make them really stand out against the tomato based broth.

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My go to is the pan-roast with lobster, but this time, I ordered the crab. I do not regret it at all, I loved it. In this Crab Pan Roast, it is a large bowl of yummy goodness. Be ready for a good time in flavor town! It’s rich but not too creamy. Spice is secondary option, I went with level 7 and was pleasantly surprised with the amount of chili oil and red pepper flakes it had. It definitely had a good amount of heat and kick to it to keep me out of the food coma. There’s only one size to this bowl, so be prepared to sit and finish this, taking it home won’t be the same.

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Now, in this already large bowl portion of the Pan Roast, you’ll have to battle an entire crab that’s shredded in this soup, and they don’t skimp out on the crab meat here. The roast sweet & thick, your spoon can rest on top of the soup without sinking in. This is amazing on so many levels. Sprinkled with a hint of brandy, these large chunks of fresh crab meat married in with the tomato bisque makes every spoonful in your mouth a tasty explosion. I was able to finish this because it was so good! I was way more than satisfied with this meal, I will definitely come back again. If you decide to come check it out for yourself, which I suggest all of you to do, give yourself enough time to stand in line for this perfect meal.

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Written by Brian Holt