The Strike Industries LINK ForeGrip is changing the way today’s shooter are buying and building their rifles. Long ago the accessories had to match and work with the rifle and other parts otherwise it would not work out.


Strike Ind review grip

Strike Industries saw the demand and created the LINK ForeGrip that is able to mount to a MLok or Keymod hand guard without any special tools, mods or costly parts. The LINK Curved Fore Grip or CFG attaches to the rifle’s hand guard to give an elegant look that is rock solid as well.


Strike Industries foregrip review

The LINK box will come with the CFG and the tool to secure to the rifle. The foregrip is constructed out of 6061T aluminum to give a solid and extremely light weight piece coming in at 1.7 oz. You will never notice this LINK CFG adding weight onto your rifle but you will notice the improvements it provides.



The Strike Industries LINK CFG is truly unique in that is works on the MLok and Keymod hand guards. Notice the silver locking nuts? They can rotate and with the raised stops near them you are able to fit into either hand guard slot and tighten for a secure hold. After heavy use there was no sign of the screws backing.


Knight's URX4 LINK CFG

Upon a closer look of the LINK CFG on the Knight’s URX4 which is a Keymod hand guard you will see the almost seamless joining of the CFG and URX4 to give it a perfect look. The front section of the CFG is an aggressive ribbed vertical section. This section is intended for a barricade placement and use. Instead of using your hand to steady the rifle against a window seal you can use this and drive the rifle into the structure for a solid shooting platform and save your hand in the process.


JAG Arms MLok

Taking the same Strike Industries LINK CFG and mounting to a MLok hand guard would take a few seconds. The CFG is mounted to the JAG Arms MLok hand guard and again you notice the flush mounting to the system. As mentioned above about the front section of the CFB the rear section is angled to give a better ergonomic grip than the traditional vertical fore grip we are all use to. With the ribbed curved section the shooter is able to purchase a large amount of the CFG and better lock the rifle in place maintaining muzzle control and securely into the shoulder of the shooter. Another feature of the rearward curve would be the SI logo of course and the opening to reduce materiel and weight and that it can be used to secure a sling if desired. The LINK CFG locks into the hand guard that you can multi purpose it as a sling mount and count on it to stay in place.


SI LINK CFG review

So if you need a new fore grip and want the best without spending a lot and worrying about changing your hand guard and buying a second foregrip but just using the same one the choice is simple. Get the Strike Industries LINK CFG and for in the $30 range you cannot complain about that but only praise it for what it does for you the shooter and the rifle. For more information go to the Strike Industries website for the LINK and get yours today.

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Written by Brian Holt