The perfect rifle needs the perfect magazine but most people forget about the important part the connects the two together. The magazine release ensures a secure feed for full auto. A bad magazine release will lead to failure. This list will show you the best to worst options out there.

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The magazine releases vary in build quality and durability. For example the two in the picture above both hold the magazine in place but which one do you think will work better and last longer over time? Let’s check out the list below.

1. Lancer Tactical

The base model of the Lacer Tactical uses a plastic magazine catch that will bend out of place. The best midcap will not work after some use due to this. Never mentioned in the reviews.

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2. VFC SCAR Light

The VFC SCAR Light still uses the M4 or STANAG magazine but has the issue of no aftermarket magazine releases for upgrades. With its unique design, it is limited to a few options of magazines.

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3. M249 Squad Automatic Weapon

The M249 can use an M4 magazine but with the mag well sticking out of the side there will be problems. The magazine catch and release are the same part and can break without notice. Being that the mag well is stamped steel inserting a wrong sized magazine will result in the magazine being stuck until tools are used.

m249 airsoft mag release

4. Echo1 M4

The Echo1 M4 rifles use a standard metal magazine release but the screw used to hold the parts together will be a pain to work one. The Torx-7 screw will be stripped out if you use a 1.5mm allen leading to a frustrating time.

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5. Krytac Series

The Krytac is boasted as the best but using an old type screw design for the magazine release. Several times opening the rifle will result in stripping of this screw.

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6. G&G Combat Machines

The G&G have the same issue at the previously mentioned Echo1 and Krytac but the screw has a coarser thread pitch for a more secure hold over time and use. Slightly better than the others.
g&g combat machine mag release

7. Echo1 Troy TRX Series

This rifle uses an extended release button and is using metal parts making for a great design but still uses the single screw design.

echo1 troy trx mag release

8. Echo1 MTC

The Modular Tactical Carbine or MTC uses the M4 mag well and can be switched to the G36 type if desired. The build quality of the magazine release is stronger and not prone to failure like the rest.
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Echo1 mtc magwell

9. Modify XTC

The Modify XTC rifle uses a 3 part magazine release to meet the current market trends of 2016. Similar to a real M4 for the installation of the mag release. No small parts to strip out.

modify xtc mag release

10. VegaForce Company M4 Series

The VFC M4’s have the longest track record of being the best for the design and durability when it comes to the Airsoft M4 market. There are many options for aftermarket mag releases but looking and comparing the “stock” or “what the rifle comes with” the VFC will beat out the other rifle hands down.

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Written by Brian Holt