Who doesn’t like Free Food and Beer? Well, today was my lucky to go with my friends for a Tsingtao Food Tuck event. We were able to RSVP and get in for free and get free food tickets for this awesome event.

tsingtao beer party

Greeted at the door with an ice cold Tsingtao beer and handful of tickets we were set loose to have fun! Tsingtao rented out the warehouse and invited DJ’s and a convoy of local food trucks to make a great afternoon for everybody there.

son of a bun food truck

Son of a Bun!
I have heard of this food truck but never had a chance to catch them in the wild until today! Meaty burgers to go with our beer is just what we craved. Waiting in the line and seeing all the different items come up for order made us want it even more!

son of a bun food truck

This is the Picante Burger; perfect in every way a burger should be. With the smoked bacon and spicy jalapenos and pepper jack to give it that great kick of hot flavor, it was great. The toasted buns with the spicy ranch sauce was a nice touch to have a mix of textures and flavors in each bite.

son of a bun burger

The Western Burger is just as good since it still has the large beef patty with the smoked bacon and pepper jack cheese with is my number two go to cheese. What makes the Western different is the use of the crispy onions like French’s and the generous serving of BBQ sauce to make it a true BBQ burger. Not spicy but oh so good.

brian holt blog

This food truck party had several DJ’s and a large screen pushing that Tsingtao beer in all their sponsored events from F1 racing to Boxing and the list goes on. We were more focused on the food and beer! The ‘photobooth’ area had a large wall of Tsingtao beer cases making for a perfect backdrop along with a large balloon animal character. Other crowd favorite would be the ping pong table and the free silk screening shirts on the spot for you. This was really cool just on the inside and there was more on the outside.

tsingtao beer party

The outside part of the venue was surrounded by the food trucks and the crowds of happy fans.This was a very chill and laid back place.
wolf and man

Giant Jenga is the best! My buddy Brian of Wolf and Man was showing us how it was done when it comes to this game. Since there was drinking involved it made it even better to watch and cheer the players on!

brian holt photography

Oh no! The best part of the Giant Jenga is the watching people run from the falling tower.
This was a great day to spend a few hours here with our friends. Tsingtao Beer did a great job of bringing everybody together!

Written by Brian Holt