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There is a new Glock on the Airsoft Market from Umarex that is OEMed by VFC. Lets see how it compares to the WE Glock with a metal slide and the Tokyo Marui Glock with a plastic slide. A full review and comparison is needed.
The weight of the pistol is important and looking at each we see different areas that are weighted.
complete airsoft glock review
The WE Glock is using a heavy metal slide and is more front heavy and can be seen with a sluggish cycle rate. The Tokyo Marui Glock has a plastic slide and the metal magazine makes it back heavy but a much crisper cycle action of the slide. The Umarex Glock has a metal slide but is lighter than the WE Glock and the magazine is a tab bit lighter too making the Umarex Glock balanced on the bottom of the trigger guard. The balance makes it more like the real Glock and more natural when aiming.
airsoft glock review umarex we tm
The magazine of the WE, Tokyo Marui and Umarex Glock are able to interchange and work so that is great news if you already have another Glock and want to get the new Umarex Glock. The little details on the new Umarex is the base plate slides forward to expose the fill valve, just like the old school KSC models. The follower has a larger lip or groove to grab and pull down to load. The Umarex gasket on the top of the magazine is curved to give a better seal and in return a better and more consistent FPS.
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umarex we tech tm glock review
The underside of the slides and nozzles are the important parts. The Umarex Glock has a spring guide and buffer like the real Gen 4 Glock and the WE and Tokyo Marui have the older type spring guide like the Gen 3 Glocks. The loading nozzles are similar and some parts will fit once modified to fit smoothly. The Umarex Glock has a larger opening for gas flow and a much thicker Oring to ensure a perfect seal and consistency while shooting green gas or CO2 in the pistol.
airsoft glock review
Overall the Umarex beats the other two contestants due to the fact it is just improving the previous downsides of them and making a more refined Airsoft Glock for the masses and making it true to life for the actual company Glock that gave them the license to create this Airsoft Glock pistol.
Check out the video below to see the pistols compared side by side.

*images from the video

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Written by Brian Holt