Do you ever have your gun go done while at the field? You have the choice of going home or hoping a friend can help you out. Well at SC Village the team Umbrella Armories is on call and at the field ready to help you out!


The team started helping out since other players saw how their rifles worked great for power and range and one thing led to another and they have a tent setup at the field just about every weekend and offering their skills to help you out. Watching them you will see they work fast and know what they are doing to get you back on the field or to build your custom rifle.


Bring your stuff on by and ask away. If you can think it they can built it. I saw a clear gun and most would think it’s a junk gun but not from these guys. They call it “The Walmart gun from Hell” Why you ask? Well a clear gun normally has a sluggish rof and poor range. They have installed new gearbox and and internals with a DSG. Be careful next time to pick on a hoody kid with a clear gun..

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