A cool new pistol to add to the shelves but why this pistol? Nothing new and asking for trouble when it comes down to it. KWA Airsoft posted news of new pistol called the M226-LE and the “LE” stands for Law Enforcement to cater to the departments and players alike to use this pistol. Direct link to the posting on facebook is here: KWA Performance Industries M226-LE
unlicensed sig airsoft pistol KWA
As you can see the pistol is clearly a SIG Saur P226 pistol; reference picture here on the SIG Sauer website. The numbering of this KWA pistol from M226 instead of P226 is very obvoius but no mention on the firearms company on this flier. It is not a licesned SIG P226 Airsoft pistol because those rights and trademarkes in the Airsoft world belong to Cybergun. I am not a fan of Cybergun but it is 2017 and the Airsoft Companies should know better by now. There are already P226 pistols on the market so why try to introduce a “new” pistol and even better hype it up with a Hogue Grip which they mention is “authentic”

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Lancer Tactical has numerous products that are counterfeit and are doing the same tactic and resulted in the owner being arrested at SHOTShow 2017.

airsoft sig pistol
As you can see the licensed SIG P226 Airsoft pistols can be found at Airsoft GI; search “sig pistol”, Evike and many other retailers at this time, maybe out of stock but already established in the Airsoft Market.
The pistol is nothing really new and if you really wanted that Hogue Grip any gun store will have it and minutes to install with some fitting. So I am not sure about this move by KWA when there is talk about the MP40 and several other projects talked about but this is what they are releasing for the time being.

Written by Brian Holt