We had an old used Echo1 Troy M4 that was used for CQB and a loaner gun and we wanted to do something with it but not spend a ton of money. So we thought about it and came up with getting a new tightbore barrel and RIS kit. The search began online.

echo1usa m4

We already wanted to use MadBull parts since they make the best all around parts but the hard part was to decide on what to get since they have so many to choose from. If you don’t believe me check out MadBull Airsoft to find out and grab your wallet too.  The Gemtech T2 kit looked great and the price was not that bad for what it all came with. For a little over a hundred dollars you get a complete front end for your M4.


A longer RAS unit with a aluminum outer barrel and then the sweet part the mock suppressor that goes half way inside the RAS to give it that custom look. I added the silver crush washer to align the mock suppressor to my liking and you can do the same if you like.

Ok so with the stock Troy Industries RAS removed from the Echo1 M4 the new Gemtech kit installs in about 15 minutes.


You will just need an allen key to remove and install the parts. Very simple design and very user friendly.

madbull airsoft

Now the MadBull Airsoft Gemtech T2 RAS is installed. Look at how cool it looks. Notice how the suppressor goes into the RAS? More Rail space for accessories and cool sticker came with the kit so make sure you stick it on your tool box or phone! The Gemtech trademarks are nicely etched onto the metal parts. MadBull Airsoft is able to do this produce the airsoft versions with their licensing agreement with Gemtech and many other Real Steal companies which makes them the best to go to for aftermarket parts to complete your training rifle.

Now the inner barrel install. The Madbull Black Python was used and it is a 6.03mm ID and the length is the standard 247mm long.madbull-inner-barrel

The new tightbore inner barrel is a little longer than the other brass barrel that was currently in the Troy M4.


If you are not sure on how to install the new tightbore barrel check out the Hop Up Video on the Echo1 Tech Support channel to learn how. Installing the new barrel was easy and still using the stock hop up bucking that comes with the Echo1 Troy MFR and most of their rifles. The bucking is made by MadBull and now it is a match made in heaven when you combine the bucking and barrel to get the best airseal and range for about thirty dollars.

madbull echo1 barrel

Once the new tightbore barrel and hop up unit is assembled you can slide it back into the rifle and you are finished!


Adding the flip up Troy iron sights that came with the Echo1 Troy MRF and the sleek Strike Industries Cobra grip this is not a boring old M4 anymore. This gun is a beauty and ready to turn some heads. Overall the gun build and upgrade was a success raising the fps by about fifteen give or take and a much more tighter grouping at a further range. From cost and time I would say this upgrade was worth it and made possible by MadBull Airsoft and their vast amount of options.

To watch a quick video on this go ahead and click on the picture below.


madbul airsoft video

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