Upgrade time for our VFC MK18 and what to choose is the hard part. Nothing has broken in the rifle yet so this is more for reinforcement of parts and increasing the performance at the same time. Last time we showed you the VFC MK18 we showed how a simple high speed motor makes a huge difference and is easy to install (click here for the previous review).

super shooter upgrade parts

The parts we will be using were sent to us from JAG Precision and since they carry a ton of parts it was a fun shopping experience. The new gearset will be the Super Shooter 16:1 high speed gearset. The high speed gears increase the ROF dramatically. You know when you see a guy running and and you shoot a burst to intersect him? Well with these gears there will be more BBs in a closer chain and increasing the chance of hitting him.  The piston is the Super Shooter Full Steel rack and it will help with the longevity of the piston and gearbox meaning less maintenance in future. The piston head is the ROA Airsoft double O-ring piston head. This cool new piston head increases the air seal and improves the AoE of the piston making it last much longer. Check out the ROA Piston Head review to learn more about it.

vfc super shooter gears

The Super Shooter high Speed gears are on the bottom of the picture. Notice the bearings built into the center of the gear? This concept will help with reducing the friction of the spinning gears which were spinning on the solid metal bushings but now spin on themselves. Unsure of the max force they can handle but being a 400 fps and under rifle they will be fine for this build. The sector clip is also a bearing unlike the stock VFC option which is great but solid plastic. The Super Shooter gears will have to be shimmed with extra care since the axles of the spur and sector gear can slide around and not a traditional press fit.

airsoft gear shimming

Once the gears are shimmed and lightly greased you will see how they spin smoothly even with the solid metal 8mm bushings that come standard in the VFC models. This was one of the reasons to use this gearset since you get the reduced friction as you would with a new bearing set but without the extra cost and time with the bearing set.

super shooter roa piston

The old VFC piston  was ok and the new Super Shooter piston will be much better. The VFC pistons have 2 versions. The older clear polycarb and the newer and stronger light blue polycarb as you see from this build. We are keeping the spare piston since it is better than most stock pistons out there. With the Super Shooter piston you will notice the full guide rails and body. The full tooth rack is made out of steel and on the front the ROA double piston head was installed.

airsoft piston aoe

The new Super Shooter and ROA combo will be a winner in the VFC MK18. Notice how it is a little further back for the better AoE than the stock option? The steel rack was cut down and glued in place to ensure proper function and longevity.

VFC upgrade review

The VFC MK18 is ready to go now. It has the following installed now:

Echo1 High Speed Motor

Modify T Connector

ROA Piston Head

Super Shooter Piston

Super Shooter High Speed Gears 16:1

Shooting and testing the rifle in the back yard is ok and the ROF is around 29 and just under 30 which is great and legal for Tac City. The true test wil be on the field and see how the parts hold up and we don’t have to work on the gun for a long time unless we install some more parts. Thinking of a mosfet with active braking but that will be next time.

Thanks for reading the upgrade blog 🙂

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