The Valken Tactical booth was proudly displaying the new line of BBs and keeping their team in the shade from the sun. I cut a path to the BBs. I have seen the ad war online and I had some questions. What makes them better than the other brand of BBs in a bottle? Does the square beat the tube design? Well it is not going to roll off the table.


There is a wide selection of BBs in various weights to suit your needs. I was still not convinced these were better than the rest. I suggested that my team should do a video to compare or another third party group. This is what makes the Valken BB better….


The bottle cap is hinged and has a spout to help pout the bbs into your mag or other bb device. This means you wont lose the cap like the other. Checkmate indeed. I wont why the poster for the BBs did not cover this amazing attribute of the bb bottle.

The next cool thing at the Valken Tactical booth was their clothing line. The pants are rooted in the paintball world but made the transition to the Airsoft world as a cool hybrid.


The pants have the soft built in knee pads which I like more than the smaller hard pads in the other popular pants. There are several bands or stripes that allow for breathing per say and keep you cool and allow for better movement. I have seen the paintball paints just moments ago and these look cool and not the same. This is something you might want to check out.

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