Planning our weekend hike started on Friday night and using Google. We came across the Vasquez Rocks, which looked nice and easy hike, but the cool part about the description was that it was used in a ton of movies and shows from Star Trek to Power Ranges. Once we decided to hike here we watched the old school Star Trek episode that was shot on location and we fell in love with the idea of hiking there in the morning!
Set a course for Vasquez Rocks at 10700 Escondido Canyon Rd, Agua Dulce, CA 91350 with a warp factor of 5!

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I really think it was a sign from the universe that we have to go to this place to hike. First sign was looking at my Facebook and being reminded of my friend’s birthday ad he is a huge Star Trek fan and then while eating breakfast and watching AMC there was the classic show “Rifleman” on which was filmed in California and has some scenes shot at the Vasquez Rocks. We have to go now!

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The early days of space exploration led the Enterprise and its crew here for an episode called “Arena” where Kirk had to battle the Gorn to settle a dispute. I’m not a die hard fan but we decided to have some fun to honor the show.

Gotta have fun when hiking! We went to the Vasquez Rocks where the filmed Star Trek and many other movies. To see if I escape the trap set by the Gorn check out the Link in my Bio! @christina_bbch #hiking #nature #adventure #mountain #climbing #california #outdoor #outdoorlife #startrek #kirk #gorn #lol

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After I was able to get myself free from that clever trap the rest of the hiking area was open for us to explore. It is not really a “hiking trail” but more of an outdoors experience that allows you to wonder around on the lattice like trails and up the rock formations.

brian holt hiking

The scenery is out of this world with the iron ore ground that contrasts with the vegetation to give it all a space like feel.

vasquez rocks

Upon a closer look the rocks will remind you of a layered Wafer cookie and the soft center has been washed away from the winds and rains over time. Some of the rock layers looked like man-made cement with larger rocks mixed in but that is just how sedimentary layers look.

vasquez rocks

As an avid hiker I was surprised to find the large amount of arid type moss growing all over the rocks and some even in the direct sunlight. I took this picture on the shady side to show the several different kinds of plant life found here.
vasquez rocks hike

Back again to the center of the park for the Vasquez Rocks it will seem like a playground park more than a hiking trail. There are no signs saying stay on the trail so this gives you the freedom to explore. There are diamond back rattlesnakes to worry about but they do their best to avoid people. The angled rock face can be climbed for the perfect panoramic view of the surrounding town if you want to do that.

brian holt hiking

Find a great spot to have a picnic and enjoy the view. I noticed that the wind has blown away most of the loose sand on top of the rocky mountain so with a good pair of shoes and decent footing you can climb all over the place and find the perfect spot to take a break. Be careful though.
So if you were looking for a neat place to explore or a place to start hiking the Vasquez Rocks would be a great place to go. Being that it is close to the city and there are Park Rangers in the info center in the parking lot you cannot go wrong. Also in the info center there the local creatures such as diamond back rattlesnakes, tarantula and many others for you to check out with the safety of glass.

Written by Brian Holt