VegaForceCompnay or VFC rifles have always been in the front lines of performance and demand from the average Airsoft Players to the Hardcore Milsim Players. As we covered in a previous blog about the older VFC models being phased out it brings us to the NEW VFC models that are coming out soon!

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VFC QRS M4 trigger

The new VFC Saber rifle will be from the revamped Avalon Series the got a facelift and a new rack; piston rack that is. With these new products being released to the market in the end of 2016 they will feature updated features such as MLok and their establish QRS crane stock.

VFC Avalon finger rest trigger

Other new parts used on the rifles will be a “straight” trigger in the shape of a lighting bolt with serrations on the trigger face which I bet players will have mixed feeling about. The second addition to the rifles will be a “raised finger rest” which as no purpose for Airsoft or in the Firearm world. I am pretty sure the idea is from seeing “operators” keeping their trigger finger pressed on the back of the trigger guard for trigger discipline and the Airsoft “creators” didn’t know why they do that and think it is for some other purpose so they enhanced it and added ribs for extra traction. If you know what it for, please comment below to share the info.
Brian Holt Team Blacksheep Airsoft
VFC M4 GBBR Airsoft

Other new products from VFC that will most likely not make it to the USA will be the Gas Blow Back MP5 K and other SMG’s but with the proper research you should be able to find a source for decent shipping and get it here.

Brian Holt photography

Another side project for VFC is the large scale OEM partnership they have with several other companies to release more M4’s for the last couple years and still to this day. Releasing a new series that is still an M4 and pumping out more M4’s for the Spartan Imports SRX, JAG Precision PHX and Echo1USA Platinum it will be hard for the customer to pick the “best” new rifle but knowing VFC is behind it will be a good thing.

Here is a recent video showing the takedown and rebuild of the JAG Arms PHX-15 rifle that is OEMed by VFC.

Written by Brian Holt