Hiking is a great way to find new sights or places most have not seen or been to. I wanted to go on a hike and bring my camera to take some water fall pictures of the hiking blades I use on my pack.

socal hiking

The trail I decided to take was the Etiwanda Trial which is just north of my place. This trail is nice since it has a steady climb to the falls and after that the trail head splits making for more adventures.

Benchmade adamas

Channeling my inner Rambo while in the bush I have my Benchmade Adamas fixed blade.

Benchmade Adamas

With the water splashing the Benchmade with the added paracord it makes for a great grip in any conditions.

benchmade fixed blade

The fixed blade is just over 10cm long to make the knife overall balanced and easy to use. Either use the main edge or the serrations on the back side this makes for a great survival knife.

Gerber Down Range Tomahawk

One of my most favorite tools that I bring on every hike will be my Gerber Down Range Tomahawk. This tomahawk is more than just a hacking blade on the hikes, since it has a hammer and pry bar function.

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I have customized this tool with the paracord to increase the grip profile to better fit my hands. I have taken this tool camping and used for making firewood, hammering in tent spikes. I can find a use for the Down Range on every adventure I go on.

Written by Brian Holt

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