WTF Airsoft is the short and sweet version of What The Fuck Airsoft. The series we started is supposed to turn heads and get people thinking about what they are doing on and off the field. WTF Airsoft is not on a strict time frame and we only release them we things need to be addressed about the airsoft community. We have been in the airsoft scene for a very long time and we have seen the issues arising and we need to make people stop and think about what they are doing. We praise the good actions and spotlight the bad ones all for keeping airsoft our love and life alive and not destroyed by a few rotten apples. There is an entire orchard so there will be plenty of shows…

The first episode was about ‘Elitist’ and how they are always right and somehow feel it is ok to boss people around or at the field to prove their way is the only war. Some of the topics touched one were the Echo1 Igor and fps limits at the fields and how some people cheat and ruin the day for everybody. Check out the video below to watch.


The second episode was answering your questions and posted on the video in the comment section. It is cool to directly reply to you guys and further bring the airsoft community together. From the first video and the Echo1 Igor that brought on a huge war due to its off spec design. Both sides were heard which is great and then in this second video we asked the Russian Airsofter which would be a better choice for an AK in GBBR and AEG since they know all the details. They all said the GHK is much better than the KWA version. So with their advice we went to Airsplat and picked up the GHK AK105 and it is awesome! Check out the video below.


For the third episode of WTF Airsoft we changed it up a bit and went to Insight Interactive and talked to some of the players. No scripts, just real talk. We wanted to see what the players liked on the field and what they see out there so you get more opinions than just ours. We also introduced our newest member Devin and had him interview mini Iron Man as well. We also touched on the topic of big online stores vs the tiny stores in the airsoft world. We had a blog on our site “Airsoft Retail ‘David vs Goliath'” and that sparked a ton of shares and feed back from small shop owners across the USA so we decided to talk about it and get your guys input on the topic. Check out the WTF Airsoft video below.

wtf airsoft

With the big store vs little store question thrown out there on the video we got a ton of feedback from our Facebook Fan Page and the video itself. We decided to get the crew back together and talk about the issue at hand. We had all the bases covered from the buy and sell groups to retail store and the wholesale side as well. With this wide spectrum of views we also add over 25+ years of being in the airsoft industry and around it to know what is going on so you know we are not just blowing smoke. Check out the video linked below to watch.



If you like what we are doing with the WTF Airsoft series make sure you are subscribed to our YouTube Channel and if you don’t you can comment on the recent video or our FaceBook Fan page and tell us what to cover in the next video. We are doing the best to be the voice of you guys. For Airsofters by Airsofters!

Stay tuned for more videos in the future!