As of lately the VegaForceCompany or VFC SCAR rifles have been talked about and posted on every website about their great new price. This is good and all for us players but why are the rifles just now getting cheaper and not years ago when most of them were bought?

VFC scar light

With the VFC SCAR Light version the starting cost was in the $400 range and now as of 2016 you can find some for under $200 at AirsoftGI and other websites. The VFC SCAR Light uses the M4 type magazine so it will be more popular and less costly with a new specific magazine for the like the Heavy version so why is it so cheap now? With a quick Google search we were able to find these pricing stats:
Airsoft MegaStore $389.00
Airsoft Station $379.00
Evike $269
Airsoft GI $198.99
With these huge price cuts, it seems like VFC is trying to get rid of the “old” SCAR’s but for what? In this world of Airsoft there is MAP and that makes the stores have the similar pricing to make it fair but there are some crazy prices going on here.

Could VFC be clearing out their inventory for the new products?
Click here to see what has been announced from VFC for late 2016 season.


Just like the SCAR Light version the Heavy version is seeing some not so heavy prices but there still is some oddities in the pricing either from the wholesale side or wanting to get maximum profits.
Airsoft MegaStore $389
HobbyTron $389
Evike $269
Airsoft GI $198.99


Looking at how they are priced almost too good to be true you should buy one. Why should you buy one you may ask; it’s simple. Once the rifles are sold off and the rate they are going for dirt cheap there will be no more but the demand will be there once a new Video Game or Movie comes out with one. Sell your “new if box” VFC SCAR Light or Heavy and make some money.
Not convinced about the VFC SCAR’s being pushed out? Check out the Airsoft GI Facebook during the summer and they posted about the VFC SCAR’s in picture or video form but links for direct purchase. See what is going on here with the Airsoft GI Shocker Deals for the VFC SCAR’s

So if you are looking for a new VFC SCAR here are the links to buy and get a great price. Share with your friends if there are looking for one as well or post in a forum to spread the word.
This blog is not being “paid” to talk about this as a sale pitch but just sharing information that will help the Airsoft Players get a great deal.

Written by Brian Holt