What makes a good Airsoft field is the location but what makes a great Airsoft field is the community!
The recent Grand Opening event at the Wildlands Airsoft Park was a huge success for the field and the Airsoft community bringing everyone together.

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The event pulled in over $5000 worth of raffle prizes and 15 vendors to be on site to further build the community and the relationships with the players either at the booths or on the field. The players came from all over the state and gathered 377 registered players and that is not counting the vendors and their crew on the field. This is a great large group but not going to be crowded on the huge playing field.
team blacksheep airsoft
The fields have been setup in a way to help keep the flow of players spread out evenly since there are several large buildings to enter and occupy or large killing fields for the support gunners and snipers.
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Some of the larger building complexes like the hospital have some major detail added to them. From the outside with barricaded positions and “civilians” or “guards” nearby which are cut outs but it gives a more realistic feel to the field and the gameplay.airsoft news blog
Taking a look inside the hospital there will be more fixtures and decor to give it that feel and making the other fields look like a box city. The hospital will have the items in the rooms to use as cover or as a realistic environment to enhance the experience for the players and that is the main goal for the field owners; the players first.
wildlands airsoft park
wildlands airsoft park
Check out this walk through video of the hospital that was posted on the Wildlands Airsoft Park Facebook page:

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What kind of players were at the event and how did it work out for everybody?
The players at the Wildlands Airsoft Park Grand Opening was a mixed crowd of players ranging from the hardcore MilSim players to the Casual players and everybody got along and worked as a team.
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It doesn’t matter what Airsoft gun you have but it does matter if you get on the troop transport that was on the field and used in the games.
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At the end of the successful event the players and organizers were happy and that is what matters. Instead of looking at the ticket sales the field owner is looking for the players feedback to make it better the next time and keep adjusting and tweaking the field to better suit the players. This field is being ran by Airsofters and it only makes sense to make it enjoyable for everybody that comes there.
For more pictures from the even check out the Wildlands Airsoft at Jungle Island end day wrap up. To continue this successful Airsoft Field to stay open it will need the help of the community to use it as a legitimate place to play, practice and hang out. It is there for the players and by the players and will only fail if the community lets it. Spread the word about this field and event and be ready for their next big OP in June.
Share this article with your friends and any other Airsoft groups to help the local community grow.

Written by Brian Holt