Airsoft is a game.

A game we all play for a multitude of reasons. Some play to practice technique, to get away from the day to day headaches, and others to run around like it’s a video game. Whatever your reasons are, we are all out there to have fun. Somewhere over the last few years, some of the fun in our community has been lost. We are going to bring the fun back. The ideology that drives the staff at Wildlands Airsoft Park is simple, “A place for ALL players”. Our goal is to create a park that caters to the different types of airsoft players, as well as elevate the entire experience that people have. In doing this we hope to bring together and unite our community.

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14881 Temescal Canyon Rd. Lake Elsinore, California, CA 92530 – (951) 775-9316
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Pictures from the recent opening day and field and more on their facebook and instagram.
wildlands airsoft park
wildlands airsoft park
The Wildlands Airsoft Park soft-opening on March 25th was just the beginning. The last few weeks we have been putting day after day into updating and changing the experience you will have when you’re playing on our fields. The time for the Grand Opening has come! Saturday, May 6th we will be hosting our first ever scenario-based game. We will also be hosting 5v5 pick-up games on our Airball field. Yes, you read that correct. Wildlands is going to be building a permanent 5v5 field for those players who are fans of the SpeedQB scene. We want to bring something new to the table. The storyline for the event is as follows:

team blacksheep airsoft blog
For many years the Southern States Militia have waged war against the Defenders of Babylon over control of Babylon and all of its surrounding territories. It’s been 20 years since the last attack on Babylon’s borders took place, and the States have decided they will no longer tolerate the DOB and their borders. For 20 years the once small SSM, has steadily grown, and now controls much of Babylon’s surrounding areas and people… but not all. The DOB still refuses to join the Southern States and has stated it will continue to defend its borders until its last breath. With the introduction of new age weaponry and the addition of high-tech explosives, either the DOB will fall… or will the SSM once again be unable to breach the walls of Babylon? Which will it be? You decide!
Help us bring the community together. Come out and support the new team and management running at Wildlands Airsoft Park. We look forward to having you.
The field is always being updated based on player feedback to make it the best possible experience every time. Check out this awesome bunker best setup!
team blacksheep airsoft
team blacksheep airsoft blog

Written by Vincent “Lucky Shot” and Brian Holt