My name is Brian Holt and I live a very interesting life that seems to never stop. I do my best to let people know what I am doing and where I am through my various social media accounts. Some of these accounts are very specific and others are random on what they encompass and they all still showcase my life. So if you want to see what I am up to you will have to follow along.

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My Facebook page started out as a single brand spotlight but later progressed into more of all the Airsoft brands I work with under the corporate umbrella. Later I took the decent sized following to help bring a positive vide to the Airsoft Community along side my helping others on the daily basis with my video library or speedy messaging. Feel free to message me on my Facebook page.




My Instagram account is all Brian Holt and what makes me tick from the little peaceful trail I’m hiking on to the music events I’m at it makes for an exciting Instagram account to follow. Along with some Airsoft work and my photography I’m able to mix in my cooking to make for a well rounded media feed.




My blog started for my Airsoft team that covered in depth reviews of products and events and to host the accompanying YouTube channel. The blog site has now expanded to cover more of my outdoors adventures that I encounter off the Airsoft field.




Youtube is a great way to show a product or experience and I do just that. My personal YouTube channel will showcase my times on the Airsoft field to hiking in the mountains and even going 4×4 off roading. I have another channel for just my “how to” that is work related which you can find here.




I like to take pictures and share those captured moments and experiences with others and this account is just that. Scroll through the pictures to see what I have shot




Foodie Adventures are the best and I want to share with others what I find out there. I always get asked where was that place or what do you recommend so my Yelp reviews should help guide you or inspire you to get out there and try some new food.




I have a Twitter just like everybody else but it is hard to express a certain dish or event with a limited amount of words.


I have a SnapChat and go by “awesomebrian87” that I use mostly when I have some deep thoughts or I see something funny I have to share.

As you can see I have many ways to keep track of my adventures so you can follow me or join me on them and have some fun!

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Thanks for reading
Brian Holt

Instagram – Yelp – Flickr – Facebook – Videos – Blog – Twitter

Written by Brian Holt