This is a multi themed blog website to cover everything we enjoying doing. The primary author Brian has sectioned it into three main groups of Airsoft, Outdoor Adventures and Foodie.


The Airsoft covered by the team will cover the small parts for a table top review to a ‘how-to’ helpful gearbox video and once on the field you will see the regular weekend games all the way to the other end of the spectrum and the immersive world of Milsim.

Outdoor Adventures

The great outdoors are amazing and must be experienced and shared with the world. The setting we cover will be from an ice covered mountain top to the blistering hot desert trail for an 4×4 off road scene. Hiking and anything being outside will be covered.


As the title says “foodie” will be all about food. Either a great spot you should check out or something that Brian has made, being a well-rounded self-taught chef this will be a great section for you to check out.

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Written by Brian Holt