The “functional bolt catch” for the Airsoft M4 rifles can be a nice touch for the detail but it is more of a gimmick and will lead to failure and here are the reasons why.

team blacksheep airsoft

1. Not even close to how the Real Rifle works!

The Charging Handle is only able to pull back 2 inches and the real AR15 will travel twice that distance.

team blacksheep airsoft

2. The Airsoft Rifle uses a weak spring like a children’s toy!

For the standard Airsoft M4, they all use this tiny spring to simulate the buffer spring. Racking the handle back too hard will break parts right off.

krytac m4 fail

3. The parts will break with time.

The parts that work with the bolt and release in this Krytac CRB are plastic. Failure will happen shortly.
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team blacksheep airsoft

4. Small parts and Overly Complicated.

The M4 Airsoft Rifle will be using small parts consisting of pot metal(zinc alloy) and plastic. Built more like a model plane than a real rifle.

team blacksheep airsoft

5. AEG vs GBBR which is better?

The AEG uses the Tokyo Marui spec parts that you will find in the VFC, Echo1, Krytac, and G&G which will break. The Gas Blow Back Rifles use parts modeled after the real rifles for a more realistic function. The AEG version M4 using the bolt catch and release parts are made only for a cool factor but will be a let down shortly after purchase.
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Written by Brian Holt