Tactical gear and products now days are a dime a dozen and some are just copies of others with a twist or another pocket and called “new”. This is where the DEFCON Gear back pack chair comes into play. The DEFCON Gear back pack chair does just want it sounds like it does. It’s a back pack and a chair and it’s that simple but a great product that is pulled off well and for a great price of $64.99 Lets take a look at some of the great features of the pack.


DEFCON Gear review

AS you can see the pack has several compartments and side spots as well. This is sporting a can of green gas for our readers that are into airsoft which this pack can be used for. On each side you will find a compression strap and the pockets. Along the larger compartments you will find reinforced loops for securing other items like carabiners and other gear if needed.


DEFCON Gear reivew

When the frame is opened to provide the chair as shown you can still access all of the needed compartments such as food or ammo as you sit on the range. The wide shoulder straps have D rings and a connector strap for further securing your pack as you are on the move. A phone or radio pouch is included and can be removed if desired.


DEFCON Gear pack

The chair frame itself if made out of steel and can handle over 350lbs of vertical force. Due to its light weight design and lack of locking features it would not make a stable platform for standing on but for a fast chair and then grab and go which it is designed for it is great. The total weight of the chair is just at 5lbs which is a normal pack without the steel frame. On the top of the DEFCON Gear back pack chair is a large carry handle that is secured to the pack. You can also use the frame as a carry handle once the frame is closed and secured with the provided velcro loops.


DEFCON gear pack

The main compartment is able to hold anything you could need for a day hike, family outing to the park, spending the day at the rifle range or an other places you might needs this. The double zippers on the DEFCON Gear Back Pack chair are constructed out of a sturdy metal and very quiet and covered with a dust cover to further protect your belongings. Once opened you can see the spacious room. Near the top of the pack inside you will find a cord for attaching your hydration pack to prevent it from sagging and the hidden route for the tube under the carry handle and the velcro patch.


DEFCON pack chair

The secondary compartment is quiet large and has a small section for pens and other small items to keep them in place. The interior material of the pack is a semi water resistant material to ensure your items are safe but not weighted down from a thick and heavy material.

Compartment size

Main: 13″ x 9″ x 5″
Top External: 7″ x 5″ x 2.5″
Bottom External: 7″ x 9″ x 3″
2 x water bottle pouches on the side
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DEFCON chair

On the go the DEFCON pack and its steel frame does not interfere with hiking or wearing since the back pack and shoulder straps are independent of the frame. The frame may wiggle but it will not dig into your back and with the adjustable straps you can make it fit just fine for you and your back.


Check out the YouTube review of the pack with more detail. Find it on our Team BLACKSHEEP762 channel.

Written by Brian Holt