Is 2018 all about the Airsoft G3 rifle?
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For the longest time the M4 rifle has been the most popular and still is but this coming year the players are excited about the revival of the G3 not from a single company but several. With several options from GBBR to AEG this opens the options for the players. A little history about the Airsoft version of the G3 there was first the Tokyo Marui versions of the G3 along with the MC51 and the famous sneaky creaky PSG-1 all good. There was also the Classic Army version of the G3A4 and the HK33 which was not really popular. Later there were the Chinese versions from JG in a grey body and the Echo1 in a black body and both in plastic.
airsoft g3 for sale
All these options gave the players some options but the selection dwindled in a few years to impossible to find a new rifle.
Flash forward to 2017 and the industry is exploding in G3 everything news!
News from WE, LCT, Classic Army and there will probably be another while this blog is being typed up, this is exciting news for us all. Let us take a look at what is scheduled for release.
WE Airsoft (GBBR)
G3 Airsoft rifle
Posted on the WE Airsoft Facebook page with the caption “More to Come” Watch the video of the WE Airsoft G3 in Gas Blow Back

This GBBR or Gas Blow Back Rifle being offered by WE Airsoft will make all the hardcore players or the “wanters” that comment on the AEG versions “should be in GBBR” put their money where their mouth is. Looking at the build and raw metal it will be all steel or metal of some sort like the real one and will be worth every penny.

LCT (Electric Rifle)
airsoft g3 rifles
LCT is releasing to the masses their new G3 line that consists of five options off the same base rifle. The LCT G3 or “LC-3” as they call it will be riding on the hype that it is legit and just like the real G3 since that is what they do for the other rifles they produce. More from LCT and LC-3 series
g3 airsoft rifle
The LCT rifle looks good at first but I see an odd part on the build based on the manual. The G3 is obvouslyusing a Version 2 Type gearbox but it is using  extra pins that an M4 would use to mimic the real M4 but this is a G3… Seems odd and not real to life like the others I guess. LC-3 Manual

Classic Army (Electric Rifles)
Classic Army Airsoft g3
Now Classic Army is re-releasing the G3 line and adding some more as well! The regular G3A3 and the SG-1 is a nice touch for the long rifles and DMR type roles the players will use. The HK33 is more of the odd rifle in that it uses smaller rounds in the real world and not really popular but they are bringing it back anyways. In its first launch it was difficult to sell since the mags and parts were its own. Now a really cool release but for a niche market is the MSG90, which is the G3 SG1 and the PSG1 mixed together and more famous than the other rifles. This will be a good rifle on the field and replace the outplayed SPR builds.
airsoft g3 rifles
Now it is interesting how Airsoft GI has been posting random posts lately and it was mentioned in the recent blog “The Future of Airsoft, Good or Bad?” and how they have been posting things that do not pertain to Airsoft and or do not have any links back to their website and this time it played out in their favor. The basic caption sparks interest and the link goes straight to the Classic Army G3 A3 Pre-order

Looking at all these models being released to the market it makes us think if the G3 is going to be the next hot rifle and replace the M4? Unlikely but the G3 lovers will have plenty for rifles to choose from this upcoming season.

Now with all these options what would you like to see brought back or introduced into the market?
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Written by Brian Holt